Bamboo Bath Tray

I met this client on Upwork. He had the best-selling bath tray on Amazon and wanted help redesigning it to stand out. The deliverable was a rendering, a 3d model and 2d drawings that he could take to his preferred factory.

I went to work, focusing on ways to improve on an already very simple product with a few clever innovations, while being conscientious of the extremely simple manufacturing techniques I knew would be involved, and the marketplace on which it would be sold.

I dropped the surface down to help stabilize the tray. I added a spine to the book holder, to allow for smaller books and devices. I added a drain for the soap tray, and a rumble strip to prevent accidental collapses of the tray into the tub. Perhaps most importantly, I added a color contrast, so that the tray appears to float over the water.

When I was done, the client took the design to the factory, and now you can buy this tray on Amazon.